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Why should I have my carpets and floors cleaned?

Your carpet’s life expectancy may be prolonged simply through regular professional cleaning. Many manufacturers demand this in order to maintain the validity of their warranties. If you don’t clean your carpets on a regular basis, you’ll be susceptible to storing even more dust, grime, dander, and allergens. Cleanings can help restore the appearance and luster of your carpet.


What should I do to prepare for my All Clean technician?

Vacuum beforehand if you can. Moving basic furniture can be helpful, as well. We will not move cabinets, loaded bookshelves, entertainment centers with electronics, fish tanks, armoires, or other heavy pieces. It is also recommended that you handle removing any fragile items or decors. Additionally, if there are stains or spots of concern, point those out to your technician for proper treatment. And as much as we love pets, they sometimes don’t appreciate our equipment. So, please secure them in another room prior to our arrival.

How often should I call All Clean for carpet and floor cleaning?

Consider the amount of traffic on your floors. On average, it’s every six to twelve months for the average residential family with kids, pets, or smokers. For more high-traffic, commercial property, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly deep-cleaning efforts are recommended.

How long will my carpeting take to dry?

Ideally, a freshly cleaned floor should have no foot traffic until it’s completely dry, which could take between 6 to 12 hours. That timeline can be unrealistic in a busy household. However, we strongly recommend limiting traffic for those drying hours for the best results.